About Us

FoDLA is a fellowship of American polytheistic Pagans following the path of Draíocht Nua or Neo-Druidism. 

The fellowship is organized as a church, after the Internal Revenue Code’s use of the word, and is not dogmatic, but limits its membership to American polytheist Neopagans who seek to follow the central spiritual values of traditional pre-Christian Celtic societies, best exemplified by the figure of the ancient Druid.  These include, most particularly:

A commitment to study: To honor the past and the path that has shaped us

A commitment to piety: To honor the gods and spirits that guide us

A commitment to hospitality: To honor the community and the Land it shares

Within this simple framework of shared values, FoDLA does not engage in passing judgment on matters of metaphysics.  How each member of the fellowship conceives of the deities, the Otherworlds, and indeed the ultimate nature of the Cosmos, is a matter for the individual alone–guided by the commitment to study–and FoDLA advocates for tolerance of diverse beliefs within a bond of shared values and a set of basic worship practices.

If you can wholeheartedly affirm the principles above–including a genuine commitment to an atmosphere of tolerance of diversity of belief within shared core values–and the Founding Vision statement in which they are found, then membership in FoDLA may be for you.

Our current Bylaws are here.

Fellowship of Druidism for the Latter Age