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The Official Reading List (ver. 3.0)

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Videos on YouTube of FoDLA rituals


Polytheism and FoDLA  by Todd Covert

The Three Mysteries:
The Mystery of the Hearth Fire  by Todd Covert
The Mystery of the Otherworldly Feast  by Todd Covert
The Mystery of the Union with the Land  by Todd Covert

Getting Started in Neo-Druidism:
Getting Started 1: Foundations for Practice  by Todd Covert
Getting Started 2: The Three Commitments  by Todd Covert
Getting Started 3: Honoring the Ancestors  by Todd Covert
Getting Started 4: Working with the Deities  by Todd Covert
Getting Started 5, Pt.1: The Allies of the Middle World  by Todd Covert 
Getting Started 5, Pt.2: The Allies of the Middle World  by Todd Covert  
Getting Started 6, Pt.1: Eight Days to Hold Sacred  by Todd Covert
Getting Started 6, Pt.2: Samhain
by Todd Covert

Druid Values:
Balance  by Michael McGuinness
Hospitalityby Michael McGuinness
The Art of Living
by Michael McGuinness
by Michael McGuinness

Goddesses of the Irish Celts:
The Morrigan  by Michael McGuinness 
Brigitby Michael McGuinness 
by Michael McGuinness 

Various Topics:
On My Religion  by Todd Covert 
About Groves in the Fellowship  by Todd Covert
Some Thoughts on Druidic Garb  by Todd Covert
The Conclave of the Druids  by Todd Covert
A “Film Festival” for Polytheists  by Todd Covert
Shinto and Druidism  by Todd Covert 
Revisiting the “R” Word  by Michael Routery
High Fidelity  by Michael Routery  
Lughnasadh Berrying  by Michael Routery
The Value of Ritual  by Linda Costello 
F√≥dla (The Goddess)  by Linda Costello
Lady of the Land  by Linda Costello
Lady Brighid in my Life  by Linda Costello
The Four Treasures  by Linda Costello 

Conscious Living:
The Druid and the Land 1  by Todd Covert
The Druid and the Land 2by Todd Covert
The Druid and the Land 3by Todd Covert
Sustainable Living  by Linda Costello
Energy Efficient Homesby Linda Costello 
Organic Herb Gardensby Linda Costello 
Natural Lightingby Linda Costello 

Materials for Parents & Young People
Samhain by Eva Gordon
Imbolc by Eva Gordon
Beltaine  by Eva Gordon 
Lughnasadh  by Eva Gordon 
Samhain: Visiting the Celtic Otherworld  by Eva Gordon 
Religious Education – Imbolc  by Eva Gordon
Celtic Animal Lore  by Eva Gordon 
Celtic Calendars  by Eva Gordon
Goddesses & Gods: Who Am I?  by Eva Gordon  
Teaching Ethics  by Eva Gordon
Lughnasadh 2009  by Eva Gordon
Children’s Books  by Eva Gordon
Brighid’s Festival at Home  by Eva Gordon 
Learning a Celtic Language  by Eva Gordon 
Celtic Tree Symbols  by Eva Gordon  
The Ancestors at Samhain  by Eva Gordon 
In Search of the Druids  by Eva Gordon  
Raising Earth-Conscious Kids  by Eva Gordon 
The Legend of the High King  by Eva Gordon 
The Sidhe Folk: The Tale of the Cauldron  by Eva Gordon   
Imbolc 2012 by Eva Gordon 
Meditation and Inspiration  by Eva Gordon 
Herbs and Healing Gods  by Eva Gordon 

Tales & Commentaries
A Mythological Meditation: Samhain by Michael McGuinness
A Lughnasadh Tale by Michael McGuinness
Samhain Ghost Story by Michael McGuinness
Bealtainne – The Tale of Connla by Michael McGuinness
Cuchullain & the Sons of Calatin by Michael McGuinness
Bealtaine – Bright Fires of Love by Michael McGuinness 
The Game of Life & Lughnasadh by Michael McGuinness 

Ritual Materials
Essential Elements of FoDLA Ritual by Todd Covert 
Common Elements of Neo-Druid Ritual by Todd Covert
A Prayer for Imbolc  by Michael McGuinness
Beltaine Prayers  by Michael McGuinness
A Daily Prayer  by Todd Covert
The Fires of Brigit (Prayers) by Michael McGuinness
A Daily Devotional by Linda Costello
A Sample Ritual: EarthLove Fellowship by Linda Costello

Fellowship of Druidism for the Latter Age