Enrolling in Druid Training

Members of the Fellowship interested in pursuing training towards initiation and ordination as a Druid of the Fellowship should follow these steps:

1. You must be a member of the Fellowship. There is no cost to join at this time. If you are not a member, use the online form

2. Send an e-mail expressing your desire to enroll in Druidic training to the Druid Trainer: joel@schonbrunn.com. Include in the e-mail all of the following information:

–Your full legal name

–Your date of birth (must be at least 18 years of age)

–E-mail address you can be contacted at

–Phone number you can be contacted at

–Times during the following periods at which you can be reached by phone: 7pm-9pm Pacific Mon-Fri and/or 11am-2pm Pacific Sat-Sun

3. You will be contacted (generally by e-mail) with one or more appointment times for you to call the head of the Druid Clergy Program for a preliminary interview. Based on this interview, you will be asked to write a personal essay and perhaps to have a followup interview.

4. Based on any or all of the interview(s) and content of the personal essay, you may be invited to formally apply for training or you may be asked to consider further personal study and/or contemplation. If invited to apply, the first step is submission of an application form and $50 application fee. Once these are received, you will receive the comprehensive test which is the first step in training. This is a self-directed test, but you will be referred to various resources to support your work on the test.

For detailed information, please review the current training curriculum and the official reading list. Be aware that both are occasionally revised; revisions will be announced on the FoDLA website.

Fellowship of Druidism for the Latter Age