Druid Training Curriculum

Fellowship of Druidism for the Latter Age

1. Initial inquiry by candidate
2. Preliminary interview with Druid trainer (or appointed surrogate) – may be conducted by phone (at candidate’s expense)
3. Assigned personal essay, covering:
a. Candidate’s personal religious history up to the present
b. Candidate’s general understanding of what Neo-Druidism is and his/her reasons for committing to it as a personal spiritual path
c. Candidate’s general understanding of the role of the Druid in Neo-Druidism and his/her reasons for seeking ordination as a Druid of the Fellowship
d. Qualities and/or experience(s) that the candidate feels qualifies him/her to serve as a Druid of the Fellowship
e. Areas on which the candidate feels he/she must focus on for the future in order to continue to develop as a Druid of the Fellowship
f. Other topics as may be assigned based on preliminary interview
4. Second preliminary interview, if required by Druid Trainer (or surrogate) after review of personal essay
5. Formal application for training and payment of application fee
6. Comprehensive test on ancient Druidism and Neo-Druidic concepts
a. Candidate provided with required and recommended reading list
b. Candidate provided with comprehensive test
7. Face-to-face instruction with an ordained Druid of the Fellowship with one year tenure since ordination totaling not less than 10 hours and covering at least the following subjects:
a. Liturgical writing
b. Ritual performance techniques
c. Ethics and the law
8. Written documentation of one year of ritual observance since beginning training
9. Performance of student ritual
a. Must be observed by at least one Druid of the Fellowship (unless Chief Druid agrees to other arrangements)
b. Must include at least two other participants besides the candidate
c. Must include observance of the three mysteries named in the Founding Vision statement for the Fellowship
10. Completion of documentation required in “Mental Health Crisis Intervention” resource.
11. Recommendation by any of the following:
a. The Druid of the Fellowship providing training in 7 above
b. Chief Druid of the Fellowship
c. Any two Druids of the Fellowship
12. Exit Interview with Druid Trainer (or designated surrogate)
13. Additional reading and/or writing as may be assigned by Chief Druid, Druid Trainer (or surrogate) based on exit interview.
14. Ritual of Initiation performed by Chief Druid (or designated surrogate)

Please note that every students experience is likely to be different, and the timelines suggested above are the bare minimums it will likely take an average candidate to complete the curriculum. Participating in the grove rituals may require travel on behalf of the student. Travel costs are the responsibility of the student, but every opportunity will be made to help defray costs, like lodging.

The candidates also are given small content assignments on a monthly basis, through a web portal “Basecamp”, and access to those assignments is granted after the student has been accepted into the program.

Fellowship of Druidism for the Latter Age